We began study abroad programs in 1969. Professor Dr. Gastón Fernández, an educator and writer at The University of Arkansas, guided students, teachers and business professionals across the world to learn languages in an immersion-style environment and to experience culture first-hand. His love for learning, experiencing world cultures, passion for traveling, living and studying abroad, and desire to inspire others to speak multiple foreign languages was evident in his actions and instilled in his family.

A Family Affair

Since 1969, one of Dr. Fernández’ daughter, Alina, was actively involved in helping her father with the study abroad programs. Although she worked for a large study abroad company for a few years handling large groups of college, junior and high school students, she re-joined her father in the late 1990’s. In 2007, after her father’s passing, Alina continued with the organization.

After a year of reflection personal development training, Alina realized that she had been living her purpose all the time. Her dad’s organization was the perfect venue to share her calling and passion. In 2011, she decided to change the name and image of the organization to reflect her personal and professional branding: 

 “CO” = Together

“NEXUS” = Connecting

CONEXUS International is a place for people to come together and connect.  Whether connecting through learning foreign languages, experiencing other cultures, or just simply wanting to learn more about what the world has to offer, we hope that you will join us in the adventure. We believe in the importance of continuing to cultivate our mind, heart and soul. Won’t you join us? We would be delighted to have you!

Come share your passion and join The CONEXUS Consortium!