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  • Educators with first-hand, personal experience in study abroad and cultural programs-designed and led by educators

  • Acclaimed international chefs sharing their country's culinary treasures

  • International art, history and music professionals sharing the best of their country's culture

  • Spiritual guides and mentors ready to guide you in your spiritual journey

We have all experienced the life-changing power of cross-cultural travel and learning foreign languages abroad and hope to share our wonderful experiences with each of you as we guide and teach you about our passion. We are from around the globe and can custom design your program whether for one, a family, a business team or school. 

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I started traveling and studying abroad experience at age five when I left Cuba on the last Red Cross boat in 1963.  I knew zero English and nothing about the United States…little did I know that in losing my country, I gained the world. I grew up speaking Spanish at home, and struggling with English at school. Yet, at the age of 10, my dad insisted that I begin other languages. His passion for his family to learn multiple foreign languages.....More From Alina


I first came to Spain when I was just 12 years old and instantly fell in love with its history and people, and, of course, the food. I was lucky to have the opportunity to study abroad in Spain throughout my youth. As the years progressed, my fascination with the country grew more and more profound. Thanks to that experience I not only am now bilingual but it also awoke a cultural curiosity which has driven me to travel extensively. I had a liberal arts education and studied European history at university, deepening my understanding of the world. This formation led me to live abroad in Italy, France, and finally Spain. I now live here in Salamanca where I first fell in love with all things Spanish. While I love traveling for its history and language, as long as I can remember I’ve had a unique obsession with food. My driving purpose in life is to understand diverse cultures, and my way of doing this is not only through language and travel, but through their culinary traditions. I’m an avid traveler and always try to search out the most authentic adventures when I travel!


At only ten, a trip to Salamanca, Spain changed the course of my future. It’s hard to believe that at such a young age one could be so sublimely seduced by a place. I knew I had to come back. It would turn out to be the seemingly enchanted place where I spent the years after starting my art history degree and continue on fulfilling my dream of becoming a professional guitarist. And that’s how, at seventeen, I traded in the flavor of the sea, the green pastures, the seaside atmosphere, and humid climate of my home in Santander for the cold and arid weather, the Villamayor stone, the great Spanish ham, and the incomparable Plaza Mayor of Salamanca. An essential step in my life; far from my family, I began to appreciate things I was ill-equipped to understand before.

Instead of the comforts of home and family, I found a place I sometimes wonder if I was destined for. I was taken in by a long standing student organization centered on traditional music, La Tuna. A group that would teach me teamwork, allow me to travel, and share all types of experiences. This way, while studying, I was also able to get to know the world. In only three years I had travelled thousands of kilometers across the old continent, gaining so much in the way of understanding different cultures and ways of life. Portugal, France, Sweden, Germany, Italy…were just a few of my destinations.  Now, at thirty, I propose sharing all these experiences and more with others: discover music, new cultures and meet new friends. Care to join me?


My name is Austin and I am from the United States. I am passionate about nature and the great outdoors. My other great passion is travel. I love interacting with people from other cultures and seeing the human identity in action. I am very excited about Conexus and the opportunities it will provide to people of all backgrounds the experience to immerse oneself in another environment and with people that are different from yourself.

Note from Alina:  Austin is a certified ESL instructor, who will complete his Masters in Psychology in August 2015. He leads the Peru Spring Break and other Peruvian adventures. Currently Austin is in Colombia teaching English.


Hi! I’m Nachété and I’m delighted to share with you a unique experience exploring some of the most ancient areas of the Americas. Join me as we discover subterranean cities, savor new, unique Meso-American flavors, see places frozen in time, visit the lakes of legends, dance to rhythmic drums, and enjoy a pre-Hispanic thermal baths, and climb the mountains of royal families. Come and enjoy a new perspective on history…Nothing will ever be the same!

(¡Hola! Yo soy Nachété y estoy encantado de compartir contigo una experiencia única a través de una de las zonas más antiguas del continente americano. Acompáñame a descubrir una ciudad subterránea; disfruta la gastronomía única mezcla de sabores entre América y Europa; maravíllate con sus barrios atrapados en el tiempo; visita el lago de las leyenda; baila al ritmo de los tambores y experimenta un baño de vapor prehispánico; alcanza la cima de los primeros reyes. Ven, disfruta y descubre conmigo una nueva forma de entender las leyendas y la historia... ya nada volverá a ser igual.)


Javier is from Salamanca, Spain, and is married with two young daughters. He is a veteran Middle School teacher with 24 yeas’ experience. He has a National Level Basketball Coach title, and is the Founder and Director of the Spain soccer camps and training schools which include adventure outings and cultural events for children and teens. An promoter of cross-cultural and international educational programs, including The University of Salamanca. Javier is currently the Mayor of a provincial town in Spain.


A Primary School teacher, former professional Soccer Player, and is a National Level Soccer Coach. Director of Athletics for Spain Soccer Camps which include the adventure outings and cultural events for children and teens in Spain.


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