Destination for gourmet feasts and Basque Nouvelle Cuisine


Donostia SpainNestled on the northern coast of Spain, Donostia is a city with such hype around it that the leery experienced traveler might steer clear of it for fear of finding some tourist trap. 

Nothing could be farther from the truth. Stepping off the train you are immediately greeted by towering nineteenth century architecture lining each and every grand boulevard. The city was devastated by fire in 1813; the subsequent reconstruction is what gave the city its architectural personality, more likened to the great cities of Northern Europe than many destinations in Spain.

The city’s beauty alone, enclave beaches and green mountains running right up into the Bay of Biscay, would be enough to draw tourists. But the real attraction of Donostia is its gastronomic prowess. 

One of the best known food cities, Donostia boasts the most Michelin Stars per capita of anywhere in the world. Nouvelle Cuisine prepared with a Basque touch feature area specialities like the giant Basque crab. This culinary king also offers endless choices of jaw-dropping and mouth-watering tapas.

Whether you visit the private dining room of a grand chef, or go for tapas at area bars, you will be amazed how each place boasts a more astounding variety of foie gras, sea urchin, caviar, porcini or any other number of exotically indulgent offerings prepared with nitrogen, foam, freeze-drying, or some other unheard of technique. 

Yet, you do not have to be a food snob to appreciate Donostia. Even the uncultured palate will enjoy these tempting treats. One thing’s for sure: Donostia will be sure to surprise you. Next time have a craving for good eats and breathtaking scenery, head for the paradigm of gourmet destinations – Donostia.

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