Conexus began as a family-owned and operated organization built on a father’s passion to teach his children and students the importance of traveling, living and studying abroad. We are currently a growing consortium of educators and professionals who understand the value of these cultural experiences.

A Priceless Investment in Your Child’s Future 

Whether learning a foreign language, acquiring better soccer skills, or learning about history and other cultures first-hand, the earlier younger your children have these experiences the better  they are prepared for life and school. The younger children learn a skill or language, the easier it will be for them. We are teachers who partner with parents and serve as experienced guides in helping your children acquire these skills. Students will naturally grow up with a love of connecting with others, as well as having fun learning while improving their knowledge and skills.

Safety with CONEXUS Programs

  • Student who travel with Conexus have a representative available 24/7.
  • Students travel to safe areas that are culturally rich, typically smaller cities/towns.  
  • Our experienced staff accompanies and monitors the programs.

Our Promise

  • We want to ensure that you are comfortable with your decision and will never pressure you. Studying abroad is not for everyone.
  • We will recommend various options and programs based on our preliminary conversation.
  • We will work with you to make sure that we find the right, and best, program for you. We understand how vitally important a positive and memorable experience is while studying abroad.
  • We will make ourselves available on the phone and meet with you in person to prepare you and the student as much as possible before their trip. We want them to have an easy transition, and successful and fun experience.

Unique Conexus

We’re not a travel agency or a large business. We are an organization of educators and mentors. Learn what makes our unique approach to studying abroad. Get to know some of our CONEXUS Consortium members. 


Our past participants and their parents are available to share with you their positive experience.