Make Your Experience Count! 

  • Our unique CONEXUS method, tools and techniques that are city-, country-, and culture-specific makes for easy transition, and enjoyable experience.
  • Our language schools are located in safe, smaller towns that are student-oriented. We are accredited, regularly evaluated and use fun, interactive methods, including immersion.
  • We are an educational and cultural organization of experienced Master educators. We are NOT a business.  See how: The CONEXUS CONSORTIUM

Who Studies Abroad?

CONEXUS provides quality, fun programs for all age groups. We have over 45 years experience with:

  • Children  (Ages 6-9) and Pre-teens and Families
  • Teens (Ages 12-15)
  • High School
  • College and Post Graduate Students
  • Adults and professionals (including educators, business and government officials)

​View our Study Abroad Programs or Contact Us to tailor your program: 

  • CONEXUS Signature Linguistic Immersion
  • Camps(Language, Soccer, Cultural Immersion) for Children and Middle School
  • Student and School Exchanges
  • GAP Year/Semester (for high school and college students)  
  • Cultural Immersion and more.


Connect with the diverse cultures of our world through our personalized approach to learning!