Jerusalem/Holy Land:

Where God, where the Mysteries of God touched upon the earth, the Holy Tomb of Jesus, Wall of Lamentation, Crystal Sea of Galilee, the presence of God among men.


Salamanca: An outdoor walking museum of sculptured facades, troubadours, a paragon of unversity life, 2002 Cultural City of Europe. Read More   

Donostia: World’s culinary “starred” capital, caravans of French nationals going for a weekend gourmet get-away, intimate dining and tête-à-têtes with famous chefs.  Read More

Santiago de Compostela: Lush scenery and fiords, incredibly fresh seafood, Celtic bagpipes, Europe's oldest pilgrimage route el camino, Finisterra - the end of the world. Read More

Segovia: A treasure trove of historical gems, amazing Roman aqueduct, fairytale castle, a picturesque medieval town inspiring all ages. Read More

Granada: The last stronghold, fortressed palace, origin of flamenco, the royal tomb, Moroccan cuisine, the impressive gypsy caves - UNESCO World Heritage sites. Read More

Santander: Seascapes, snowcapped peaks, fresh seafood, rolling hills, hamlets, Old Castille. Read More


Rome/Ostia: Centures of historical secrets to be told, rustic pizza, catacombs, art and sensual sculptures that come alive before you. Read More