Our logo is a unique creation which represents our essence as an organization. We are international educators and professionals who want to share our unique experiences to help you connect with others at a global level. Our passion to make your experience the best ever is our focus, and we believe that in connecting with others we become one.  

The Ancient Symbols that make up CONEXUS Logo

1. The sphere shape is an ancient Tibetan symbol denoting the universe and travel.  

2. The “C” with double marks symblol stands for teacher and healer. 

3. The circle with base is an ancient Chinese symbol which has several meanings:

  • The Fifth Element or quinta essential (quintessence = quality and class)
  • Diversity
  • The best

In the Middle Ages, this symbol stood for "the substance of which the soul was made".

4. The stroke at the top of the globe symbolizes:

  • One-ness
  • Authority