Stilettos on mopeds, caffe latte, puttanesca and chianti...


In Rome Italy on the  Spanish StepsThere are few destinations as iconic as... the Eternal City. Piazza after piazza lined with cafes offering the best cappuccini you could have dreamed of; fountains, churches, and sculptures hiding around every corner; losing yourself in its alleyways only to find yourself at one ancient monument after another. The Roman experience is truly one of a kind.

No matter which neighborhood you find yourself meandering, you will be sure to stumble across any number of trattorie, pizzerie, ristoranti, osterie, paninoteche, or gelaterie to fit your fancy, each one with a nonna working away in the kitchen just like in the old days. 

The smells of garlic, basil, and oregano flood the streets while you watch the locals loudly discussing the most recent soccer match, sound tracked by the gypsy boy playing the accordion on the street corner. Rome is the epitome of everything Italian.

With a history going back to 753 B.C., there is no shortage of culture to sop up on your visit to this spellbinding European capital. Whether you prefer the ruins of the Forum, the treasures at Vatican museums, the flowers from the market at Campo de' Fiori, or the club scene in Testaccio, there is certainly something for every taste.

So, want to take that dream vacation to Rome? Take the leap! Search out that perfect glass of Sangiovese, that gorgonzola, that gnocchi, that tiramisu you know you have been wanting to discover. And, before you leave, remember to throw that coin into the fountain! 

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