a city betrothed to the sea


On the shores of the Bay of Biscay, or as the locals would prefer you call it – the Cantabrian Sea, we find the northernmost city on the Iberian Peninsula. A privileged enclave nestled between the sea and the mountains, the city breathes everything that is the ocean. The docks sway with fishing boats teeming with fishermen spending their days laboring at sea. In doing so they carry on the age old tradition that is the economic motor and primary industry of the city. Alongside the fishing boats are fleets of cargo ships floating manifest to the city’s role as one of the primary supply ports to Spain. 

Where Santander meets the sea, we discover the emblematic neighborhood called el Sardinero. One of the hottest summer spots on the peninsula, this gorgeous beach played host to summering royalty and aristocracy throughout the XIX century, and today preserves its majesty so that all may enjoy its endless beaches. Surfing, snorkeling, paragliding, all sorts of traditional regional sports, are only some of the many activities the locals participate in on a daily basis among the beautiful landscapes. 

Santander offers an incredible local cuisine not only based on the daily catch of fresh seafood, but also on savory regional meats, and fresh vegetables grown in the province.  Fertile green pastures on rolling hillsides provides the region’s best products. From the sea, anchovies, spider crab, clams, mussels, and the unique and unrivaled calamari are a delectable must. Typical breads and speciality cakes made with fresh regional butter are favorites. Any Spaniard will agree that you cannot eat anywhere in the world like you can in the North of Spain.

Santander is the capital of Cantabria, a province that offers incomparable natural and cultural wonders like the Peaks of Europe National Park, the prehistoric caves of Altamira with their iconic paintings , Gaudi’s El Capricho, and the Roman ruins at Bárcena de Pie de Concha. Without a doubt, it is a beautifully authentic, elegant city with a dynamic history; qualifiers that have made it the seat for the 2014 ISAF Sailing World Championships, and that should put Santander and Cantabria on your short list of places to visit!

“Santander, la que crió a Sotileza, la novia del mar.”

Santander sea cliffs
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