If you are looking for a deeper understanding of yourself and this world, consider a CONEXUS Spiritual Tour. We visit locations known for their spiritual and/or physical healing and importance. Whether through visting a religious mecca, being in close contact with nature, experiencing different types of healing phenomena,  or volunteering your time for others around the world, our Spiritual Tours will help you connect with yourself and others.

The spiritual journey is a personal one. Regardless of one’s faith or religion, only you can experience it and discover it on your own. No one can give it to you. We must invest some time in ourselves and place ourselves in the correct environment for growth. Our Spiritual Tours professionals, can help guide you in this process. We host trips to areas where previous travelers have experienced deeper levels of peace, joy and self-love.  

The CONEXUS Consortium members who offer Spiritual Tours are soul-conscious spiritual guides and mentors made up of professionals, clergy, doctors, and healers who prioritize the nurturing and feeding of their own soul on a regular basis. They are experienced in guiding others and want to share their passion with you. We believe that connecting with oneself, as well as with others, makes us happier more productive individuals. If you are experiencing an imbalance in your life, a difficult time, or if you need clarity to find purpose or peace of mind, consider one of our Spiritual Tours.

Another way to facilitate your spiritual journey is to become more connected with nature and our planet Earth. In many of our Spiritual Tours, we focus on outdoor activities such as walking and hiking. 

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