STUDY ABROAD PROGRAMS - All programs receive three (3) college language credits!

Choose one of CONEXUS' Signature Programs below, or custom design your own by choosing your dates, length of stay and destination.  Most of our core language programs are for a two-week study. Please note that with each additional weeks of study, a noticeable advancement in the language is seen.  


LANGUAGE AND CULTURE - All programs receive three (3) college language credits!

SPANISH for High School, College and Adults:

Salamanca Study Abroad/Spain (other cities available: Granada, Burgos, Santander, Valladolid)

Costa Rica Study Abroad (Central and Costal Regions)

Puerto Vallarta Study Abroad/Mexico

Cusco Study Abroad/Peru (for experienced study abroad students, 18 years and older)

SPANISH for Children, Pre-teens, and Middle School Students:

Spain Super Camp  

Spain Basic Camp 

Costa Rica Camp 


Bordeaux Immersion Study, France (with or without Paris) 

Other cities:  Paris and Tours

ENGLISH IN THE USA (Miami, Dallas, NYC, Ft. Lauderdale, FL)

INGLES EN DALLAS, TEXAS (opcional: Inmersion Cultural) 

Miami o Ft. Lauderdale, Florida (Two-weeks)

NYC -Nueva York (Three-weeks)


Rome, Italy 



For language immersion programs in Spain, France, Mexico, Costa Rica, USA and Peru



Soccer and Adventure Camp - Portugal and Spain


*The CONEXUS Consortium's experienced and Master eductors know the importance of successful learning methods and qualified experienced instructors. We offer:

  • All levels – Beginners through Advanced, university and post-graduate studies
  • Immersion Method (language mostly or solely in the target language)
  • Conversationally focused, interactive, fun classes with real-life practice
  • Highly acclaimed curriculum and accredited schools that are regularly evaluated.·       
  • Established language schools in safe locations where pure dialect/language is spoken.

Contact us for language classes online or in person for children, high school, adults.