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El Día de los Muertos

Halloween, Samhain, All Saints’ Eve, whatever name you’d prefer to use, the 31st of October and the days that follow are celebrated across many cultures as a time to honor the spirits of the dead in one way or another.


Testin this out.

Dance Your Way to the Heart and Soul of Southern Spain:

Granada There’s no doubt that Granada is one of the most vibrant centers of Spanish culture in Spain. As a result of its being the seat of Moorish rule in Spain for years, and well under Muslim dominance right until the end of the Arab occupation of Spain, the Arabian influence is undeniable. Everywhere you look you […]

In search of the perfect G&T

On the eve of the eighteenth century, a German businessman living in London had the idea to add quinine to soda water, which he himself had invented. And so was born tonic water, at the hand of J.J. Schwepps, a drink that would become popular throughout the world very quickly. Soon after, British soldiers decided to add […]

A Treasure Trove of Historical Gems

Segovia This enchanting Spanish town has been a part of history since ancient times. From Roman battles to a Jewish haven in the Middle Ages, and even the crowning of Queen Isabella before she united Spain and sent Columbus off to discover the new world, are all part of the beautiful history of this gem. […]


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