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Immersion Learning Programs Pass the Test

One distinctive feature about our study abroad programs is our immersion-style of foreign language learning. From junior high students to professionals seeking continuing education, we offer a “no-English” approach to teaching a foreign language. We feel this is the best way for an individual to truly learn a foreign language while studying abroad. We’re starting […]

Ways To Get Your Toddler Introduced to a Foreign Language

Some families with a bilingual parent have a built-in ways to introduce a foreign language to their children. However, for many others in the U.S., it’s a struggle to come up with ways to introduce young children to bilingualism. Although many parents see the benefits of children learning a foreign language (higher test scores, a […]

A Bilingual Brain is a Healthy Brain

Not only does bilingualism increase your cognitive abilities, but research has shown that it also increases your brain health. A couple of reports show that bilingual individuals have more advantages than knowing how to order a sandwich in Spain, or take a cab in France. Research is indicating that being bilingual can delay the effectics […]

Get Smart! Learn a Foreign Language

Traveling and studying abroad has its obvious benefits. Touring the world is often on many people’s “bucket lists.” When faraway locations they’ve only read about, or seen on TV, become a reality – it’s like a dream come true. Many of our students and adult travelers feel this way when initially signing up to study […]


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