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Incomparably framed in picturesque surroundings at the foot of the Alps, we find the city of Munich. It is an old city in which we can find a mix of cultures reflected in the lifestyle of its citizens, its cuisine and its art.


Over the years I’ve made it to Belgium a time or two, but I never seem to get past its phenomenal capital full to the brim with gastronomic wonders.

A charming paragon of university life and Spanish vitality

Salamanca There is an instant and unique charm particular to the city of Salamanca, to which anyone who has set foot there can attest. The most striking thing upon arrival in the city is the unity of its historical center. As you walk along its ancient streets immersed, meandering along the alleyways, between breathtaking monuments, […]

Finals Week Survival Kit

With our study abroad programs, we meet a lot of students who are attending classes at university. Over the next week or so, most of these students are headed in for final exams. Which can mean high anxiety and stress. One way to cheer them up as a parent or friend is to send a […]


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