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Montserrat Caballé: Diva Of Spain

Montserrat Caballé a world renowned soprano whose career has spanned over fifty years.

Spanish Festivals: Tomato Tossing, Flour Flinging and Wine Washing!

The festivals of Spain can commemorate religious holidays or they may simply be an excuse for silliness but either way you can never fault the Spanish people for lack of enthusiasm.

Tapas Is Spanish For Yummy

Pick the countries you’d like to eat your way through and Spain would be in the top five. Like most European countries Spaniards pride themselves on how they eat, the way they eat and especially what they eat.

Enjoy The Museums Of Spain

If you’re considering a visit to Spain you must, of course, include a visit to the extraordinary art museums that dot the country. You could easily spend your entire journey moving from one to the other and never see them all. This is one of the best reasons to make multiple visits! Of course these […]

Immersion Learning Programs Pass the Test

One distinctive feature about our study abroad programs is our immersion-style of foreign language learning. From junior high students to professionals seeking continuing education, we offer a “no-English” approach to teaching a foreign language. We feel this is the best way for an individual to truly learn a foreign language while studying abroad. We’re starting […]


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