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Holy Week in Spain

In the States, Holy Week seems often to be lost in the flood of Easter eggs, chocolate bunnies, and Peeps. In Spain, Easter is lost in a flood of Holy Week somber marching tunes, people dressed in religious costumes…

Talent for Travel:

Often we find ourselves with the dilemma of wanting to travel but without enough of a budget to make it happen. However, money doesn’t have to be an obstacle if you can be a little creative and happen to have a few talents you don’t mind showing off

The Epiphany

Every sixth of January the Christmas holidays come to a close with the feast of the Epiphany. While in American culture this holiday is essentially nonexistent save as a religious observation, in many other countries it is indeed the trademark of the season. In Spain, it is celebrated as the feast of the Three Kings, and it is of central importance in their festivities.


When thinking of Spanish cuisine, people naturally jump to paella. While it’s true that paella is delicious and widely popular in Spain, it’s often considered summer fare. So what do the Spanish eat for great hearty comfort food? Cocido.


Barcelona is just one of those cities. It’s a must-have on every serious traveler’s bucket list. Given its architectural charm, and that it’s perched on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, it isn’t any wonder.


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