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Delving into Spain’s Wine Culture:

A bodega is often the wine cellar connected to a vineyard, but in most cases its purpose goes far beyond that of a simple place to store wine. I was first introduced to this tradition in the village of Sinovas near Aranda del Duero, right in the heart of the Ribera del Duero region. In Spain many families grow and produce their own house wines. I had been invited to the village festival by a friend, and after touring their grape fields we trekked up the hill to the merendero and bodega. In this case, the merendero was what seemed to be a storage shed, but as I went inside I realized it was, as its name suggests, the perfect place to have an afternoon snack. Complete with a basic kitchen, a large table, and a wood fired grill (usually fueled by sarmiento – the dried out grape vines), it was a place for friends and family to gather, celebrate, and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Dance Your Way to the Heart and Soul of Southern Spain:

Granada There’s no doubt that Granada is one of the most vibrant centers of Spanish culture in Spain. As a result of its being the seat of Moorish rule in Spain for years, and well under Muslim dominance right until the end of the Arab occupation of Spain, the Arabian influence is undeniable. Everywhere you look you […]

A Treasure Trove of Historical Gems

Segovia This enchanting Spanish town has been a part of history since ancient times. From Roman battles to a Jewish haven in the Middle Ages, and even the crowning of Queen Isabella before she united Spain and sent Columbus off to discover the new world, are all part of the beautiful history of this gem. […]

A charming paragon of university life and Spanish vitality

Salamanca There is an instant and unique charm particular to the city of Salamanca, to which anyone who has set foot there can attest. The most striking thing upon arrival in the city is the unity of its historical center. As you walk along its ancient streets immersed, meandering along the alleyways, between breathtaking monuments, […]

An Unexpected Trip to the End of the World

– Santiago de Compostela Upon arrival in Santiago de Compostela one may be taken aback by the lack of bulls, sangria, paella, and even sun. Everything that makes up the stereotype of Spain seems to be lacking, and THAT is exactly what makes it so wonderful. When thinking of Spain, the images that readily come to […]


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