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Finals Week Survival Kit

With our study abroad programs, we meet a lot of students who are attending classes at university. Over the next week or so, most of these students are headed in for final exams. Which can mean high anxiety and stress. One way to cheer them up as a parent or friend is to send a survival kit. If you’re wanting some ideas, here’s what we’d recommend:


Surprise your college student with a sweet treat to get through finals.

1. Send Your Student Junk Food for Finals Week

You  may think we are crazy, but hear us out. Not only do people turn to junk food in times of crisis. But, sugar can also give you a boost when it comes to making decisions. Especially in that afternoon. (Just see Dr. Oz’s interview on emotional equilibrium.) So, for one week – go ahead and pack up those Little Debbie Christmas Tree cakes, bags of Doritos, packets of homemade fudge and Christmas cookies and send them on their way. Oh – and don’t forget to include the students’ favorite things, too.

2. Quarters, Stamps, Pens, TP or some Cash

If your student lives on campus, why not alleviate as much stress as you can for them. Simple things like laundry or mailing an envelope (and needing a stamp) can become a hassle when you must walk EVERYWHERE you go. So, why not send your student at college little conveniences. Send a roll of quarters so that fresh laundry is just one step away. Send some postage stamps so she doesn’t have to worry about finding the nearest post office. Send an extra pack of pens, pencils and erasers so they have everything they need to take the tests. An extra roll of toilet paper goes a long way in student housing (or even apartment life) too. Or even just some extra money can really be a nice surprise to a college student.

3. iTunes Gift Cards

Walk around a college campus and you probably won’t have many conversations. Students these days are often tuned in to whatever song just came up on their iPod … or these days, their iPad, iPhone, Android, etc. Why not give them a few new songs to study to, or unwind with, through a gift card to download new music.

4. Early Christmas Presents

Send a fun new pair of warm slippers, or a bag of coffee and a new mug. Find a way to send small gifts to encourage your student to get through the week. You could even be cool and send something to share with the roommates, too.

5. Gas Cards

When finals week is over, make it as easy as possible for your student to hit the road and head home! A gas card is a great way to ensure that your student has enough fuel in the tank to make it home. (Even if your student goes to school in-town, extra money for gas is always nice.)

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