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Hit The Beaches Of Costa del Sol

So you say you want some sandy beaches, good food, lots of sun and the occasional sighting of Angelina Jolie?

The beaches of Costa del Sol are a beautiful escape.

How about the Costa del Sol, the long, lazy stretch of coastline along the southern coast of Spain, in the Andalucian region? Costa del Sol encompasses the coastal towns and seaside communities along the Mediterranean coastline of the province of Málaga. With 320 days of sun a year it’s the perfect spot for sun and fun.

It’s one of Spain’s most popular tourist destinations, with its mild climate, al fresco dining, golf and friendly people. The Costa del Sol is divided into sections, with Malaga city at its center. Eastern Costal del Sol stretches from the provincial capital as far as Nerja where it meets up with the Coasta Tropica of Granada province.

The western section heads south towards Gibraltar and this is where the major resorts are located along with the ritzy, celebrity haven of Marbella.

But let’s talk beaches. The Spanish harbor of Cabopino, near Marbella, is one of the best in the region. Sand dunes, shady palms and cool water are a relief from summer sun. And if you’re really feeling adventurous a nude beach is nearby!

The Playa del Saladillo, in Estepona, is another favorite beach with bars, restaurants dotted along the way. Not overdeveloped yet, its volcanic sand beaches are also home to one of the world’s largest cactus collections.

If you’re feeling famous and adventurous head to the exclusive Nikki Beach, in Marbella. The Grand Opening White Party is the launching event for the summer and glamorous partygoers mix it up with circus performers, flame eaters, acrobats and dancers.

El Bajondillo is very close to Malaga and a fabulous representation of a great Costa del Sol beach. It’s not as rocky as some other area beaches and has a wonderful promenade full of beach bars and restaurants. Don’t forget to try the pesca’to, a tasty fried fish served at most eateries.

Along the Torremolinos municipality is La Carihuela, a lovely stretch of beach known for its cleanliness and chirinquitos, restaurants serving fresh Mediterranean seafood. You can also visit the Port of Benalmadena for happening nightlife and lots of shopping.

The Costa del Sol has been attracting beachgoers and sun worshippers for decades. Don’t be left behind! If you’re anywhere near the south of Spain grab a towel, some sunscreen, and your people watching glasses and head to the beach.

And if you’re seeking a study abroad program that combines sun, fun, food, and a quality immersion experience contact Conexus International. We’ll show you what we love about Spain and help you make your own memories.

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7 responses to “Hit The Beaches Of Costa del Sol”

  1. As the days start getting colder, these beaches seem more and more inviting.

  2. 320 sunny days a year? Better bring my sunscreen! Would love to visit the beaches of Costa del Sol.

  3. This sounds like a fun place to go to for vacation! With my luck though, I’d probably pick the 45 days of the year with no sun.

  4. Pin Oak Hill says:

    I think I know where I would like to retire to, let alone vacation!

  5. Sounds like this would be a great place to visit but it would be hard to go home. Why not just go ahead and move.

  6. I’ve been listening to the radio and have heard that unemployment is now at 25%. I wonder if that rate of unemployed will make a difference in the atmosphere of the country.

  7. Sounds like paradise, a week on the Spanish beaches could wash all the worries of life away.

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