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Eat Pray Love | Conexus Book Review

We love a great travel memoir. And so we thought for anyone else out there, we’d begin sharing some great reads we’ve stumbled across. These “wet our whistle” so to say for travel. And although we’re professionals who offer study abroad tours and travel all of the time – this just makes us want to be on the go even more!


Eat Pray Love inspires the traveler in us all...

Reading Eat Pray Love

As we kick off our book reviews, what better book to start with than the popular title that hit shelves, and then the screen, a few years ago. Eat Pray Love popularized the concept of traveling abroad as a way to get away, and experience new cultures, great food and love. It opened our eyes to the romanticism involved in learning a new language, or even just trying something new. And it sparked a wave of women escaping from the ordinary into tales of the unknown.

The story is a memoir by author Elizabeth Gilbert who escapes her life (we mean her career, marriage, her family – everything) and sets out to travel to three foreign locations to learn the art of eating (Italy), praying (India) and loving (Bali.) Although begun by a 30-something early middle-age crisis, her journey actually led her to the discovery of all things important to her. She learned a beautiful language. She discovered who she was thanks to yoga and a roughed up cowboy from Texas. And once again, she learned to love.

Eat Pray Love On Screen

We see why this popular book was soon transferred to the screen and became a great “girls night out” movie. The exotic locations and allure of immersing yourself in a new culture brings emotions that rise up in us all. You don’t have to be riding around in a Jeep in Bali to feel it – just watching Julia Roberts hop from country to country stirs up passion and a sense that this world is big, beautiful, and has so much for us to discover.

Sort of like how we feel each time we take a healing tour, or take a group to travel oversees.

We love that Elizabeth chose to share her life with us – the good, bad and the ugly – through Eat Pray Love. We can only hope maybe the next big hit about traveling abroad will come from one of our travelers!

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