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Dance Your Way to the Heart and Soul of Southern Spain:


granada blog 1There’s no doubt that Granada is one of the most vibrant centers of Spanish culture in Spain. As a result of its being the seat of Moorish rule in Spain for years, and well under Muslim dominance right until the end of the Arab occupation of Spain, the Arabian influence is undeniable. Everywhere you look you see ornate archways and flower gardens emblematic of the cities former regents.

Yet, despite this strong foreign influence, Granada loses nothing of its Spanish character; in fact, it makes it stronger. Take the example of flamenco – the most Spanish of all dances. You can see its origins relived daily in the gypsy Tablao caves. The passion and life of the Spanish people is made manifest in this unique art form accompanied by Spanish guitars and castanets. The Albayzín neighborhood lives this reality not only in the caves where they perform, but in their homes and through the streets. The passion and art is palpable everywhere.
granada blog 2Just across from the Albayzín you find the famous Alhambra palace, home to Arab Caliphs, Spanish Kings, and even an American writer. The halls and gardens of this immense palace complex require hours to explore and you still won’t have discovered all its secrets. After you’ve had your fill and just can’t take any more jaw-dropping awe. It’s tapas time!
Granada is famous for its absolutely enormous
tapas, never better than when paired granada blog 3with an Alhambra beer or a glass of Sangria. Whether you want some “pescadito frito,” some regional Andalusian Jabugo ham, or prefer a little gazpacho, you won’t regret going for tapas here!

It doesn’t matter if you feel like dancing a little to the flamenco beat, taking in the Moorish architecture and incredible flower gardens, or satiating your palate enjoying some tapas with a view of the breathtaking Sierra Nevada Mountains, Granada is sure to have something that will simply take your breath away.

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14 responses to “Dance Your Way to the Heart and Soul of Southern Spain:”

  1. Bottle Hound says:

    Spain has such an interesting history, and Grenada really reflects that.

  2. What a fantastic place so rich in culture. It is interesting how much you can tell about a communities history by its architecture.

  3. Spain seems like such a beautiful place. Awesome pictures, thanks for sharing!

  4. I would love to go explore there, I love that style of architecture.

  5. I would love to travel to Grenada and see all of this for myself. It sounds amazing.

  6. Great information. I feel like I just took a mini trip.

  7. Beautiful pictures, I wish I could go visit tomorrow! I could spend months exploring everything.

  8. Spain is an absolutely beautiful country filled with a rich history. These pictures are fantastic.

  9. Spain is somewhere I’ve always wanted to go. Maybe someday in the future!

  10. Spain is such a beautiful place. I love the history of it and wish that I could visit someday soon!

  11. I’m sure the pictures don’t do justice being able to travel there in person. But from what I can tell, it looks beautiful!

  12. What a beautiful country. Can’t wait to visit again. Southern Spain sounds pretty good right now as winter’s coming!

  13. It can be scary traveling in some areas but Granada sounds it would be perfect for any type of vacation.

  14. Grenada seems like a dream vacation spot for me. It has everything AI could ever ask for.

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