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The Lost Girls | Conexus Book Review

It’s time for another Conexus book review! We love taking a look at travel books, and especially memoirs, that “wet our whistle” and spur our love for world travel! Next up: The Lost Girls

The Lost Girls By Jennifer Baggett, Holly C. Corbett and Amanda Pressner


The Lost Girls: A Travel Memoir

We stumbled upon this book in the “travel memoir” section and had to see what it was about. The theme of “Three friends. Four continents. One unconventional detour around the world” immediately caught our attention. Here’s our take on it:

“…if we don’t decide to take a leap of faith and do it now, then when?”

That question sums up the rich and deeply courageous story of three twenty-somethings who leave it all behind – secure jobs, relationships, family and friends – to take a year off to quench their thirst for wanderlust by exploring the world.

In The Lost Girls, authors Jennifer Baggett, Holly C. Corbett and Amanda Pressner write a compelling memoir that at first glance of its 538 pages, would seem like a feat to read. But each page melts away as you are immersed in each woman’s experience of hesitation while venturing out of the safety and familiarity of home, courage to leap and experience different cultures and, ultimately, strengthening the bond of friendship.

“I felt a surge of panic run through me. Once we bought these tickets, the trip would be 100% real and there would be no turning back…But I’d also be spending that time living a dream instead of sitting behind a desk.”

Lost Girls Encourages Us To Go: Travel the World!

How many times do you sit and wonder what it would be like grab your passport and climb the Inca Trail, volunteer at a school in Kenya, experience an ashram in India or drink in the beauty of New Zealand’s mountainside?

That’s exactly the same tug Jen, Holly and Amanda were confronted with as they put a halt on their fast-paced, New York City lives to navigate South America, Africa, Indonesia and Australia together. Going from tourist to well-worn traveler, each grew through their different experiences – both good and bad – as they let go of the rat race of life and took a leap of faith.

Just like many who study abroad or go on our cultural tours, these girls – now authors – had courage to go. Now, the question is: are you ready to get lost in this incredible book of courage, adventure and friendship as you travel the world with The Lost Girls? Are you ready to go?

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One response to “The Lost Girls | Conexus Book Review”

  1. cooperstown says:

    Agreed – great book!

    Love your blog! I am a teacher as well, but one that stays in the classroom – hoping that students are daydreaming about travel when I talk Geography.

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