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Dreams of Chocolate and Beer

Over the years I’ve made it to Belgium a time or two, but I never seem to get past its phenomenal capital full to the brim with gastronomic wonders.

1931056_508273738810_5627_nYou’d have to live under a rock not to have heard of Belgian chocolate, and for good reason.  The country’s history in the chocolatier business goes back centuries. The chocolate bar and the praline were both invented here. You need go no further than the city’s famous main square, the Grand Place, to find the home one of the biggest names in chocolate: Neuhaus.  As you choose from an infinite number of gorgeous and delicate bonbons, below your feet you can see through the glass floor to the workshop where they were made.
Brussels has the convenience that it is much quainter and so accessible as compared to other European capitals. Just behind its beautiful Grand Place with its extravagant guildhalls, you can find one of the world’s best beer halls hidden away in an alley. Delirium Cafe is the bar with the largest selection of beer in the world with a veritable bible of selections.  They guarantee to have 2,004 selections on hand at any given time. While their house brewed Delirium Tremens is great
in its own right, I’ve even tried an exotic Tahitian banana beer served in a coconut shell. Just a manneken pis chocolatesbrief glance at their menu will make you understand the reverence the Belgians have for beer and why they are so famous for their domestic selections from Affligem to Lindemans to Stella Artois (just to name a few of their over 1150 unique domestic offerings).

Whether it’s their chocolate, beer, or any number of their other world famous gastronomic contributions like mussels, frites, or waffles. The Belgians know how to have a good time, so the next time you’re looking for a great vacation spot think of Brussels. You’re bound to have a blast. Just don’t visit while you’re on a diet!



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