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Beer, Sausage, and Art

courtesy of morguefileIncomparably framed in picturesque surroundings at the foot of the Alps, we find the city of Munich. It is an old city in which we can find a mix of cultures reflected in the lifestyle of its citizens, its cuisine and its art.

When you arrive in Munich’s historic center you realize that it is a place where old and new fuse. The old is represented by the medieval arches and buildings of all architectural styles.  One of these emblematic sites is Marienplatz. It is a place full of life and beauty. Flanked by the monumental city hall in its Gothic Revival style, the square is the meeting point for all Münchners alike, and it is from here that we can reach all the other points of interest in the city.

The cultural offerings are very diverse in Munich. There are important art museums where we can find pieces from any movement in art history. But if you are looking for something truly representative of the city, it’s the beer. You can’t understand Bavarian life without its beer. Upon entering any beer hall you have the dilemma of deciding which beer to order, because, unless you’re unafraid of a serious hangover, you’ll never come close to tasting them all.  For the thirstiest of travelers there are traditional taverns where tray after tray of gigantic steins filled to the brim with beer endlessly circulate to the tune of traditional music.

courtesy of morguefileNothing is better than joining in for a little polka to stave off the effects of the oversized beers, although another way would be to try their traditional sausages and pretzels. Any time is great to enjoy one; sold at all hours the delicious sausages can be purchased from any number of street vendors.

Munich breathes the life of its streets. Thanks to the mild climate, at any time of year people can meander through the local open air markets, which offer truly appetizing farm to table fare, and, of course, take advantage of the great weather to sip a beer at any of the many Biergartens.

With all Munich has to offer all that’s left is to head over for Oktoberfest: the most important festival dedicated to beer in the world celebrated every September.  Anyone want to join us?

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