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 how to travel abroad for free

Often we find ourselves with the dilemma of wanting to travel but without enough of a budget to make it happen.  However, money doesn’t have to be an obstacle if you can be a little creative and happen to have a few talents you don’t mind showing off.   In my experience as a musician I offer you some tips on how to undertake your trip without spending a dime.

MF638U3720-2The first thing that you have to take into account is that on a vacation of this type you have to know how to improvise. Even if you choose a particular destination as your objective, you must keep in mind that circumstances can change at any time and maybe destiny will take you other places you hadn’t planned for but that are equally interesting.

The fundamental objective is to earn enough money to cover your basic needs. It is recommended that you take nonperishable foods with you like canned goods or things that are vacuum packed. You should think about what destination might be good for demonstrating your abilities and be ideal for those passing by to be able to reward you for your efforts. The usual mistake is choosing a spot with a high volume of tourists. There is such an overcrowding in these areas that it’s unlikely for anyone to pause and pay you much notice. What’s more these spots will be so flooded with others like you that it’s difficult to stand out and call people’s attention.  You should look for a spot with foot traffic but relatively tranquil, where people have room to stop and fully appreciate your art. Sometimes it can pay to choose medium sized cities with less people who like you are looking to make money. They’re your biggest competition.

busking_saxophoneYou don’t always have to perform for money. On many occasions it’s important to do so for food. The best place for this is an open air market. There is always someone working hoping for you to change their daily routine, and that’s where you come in.  Dedicating a song to the workers at one of the stands usually translates to free lunch. The same is true for street vendors or sidewalk cafes.  Playing near these posts is great publicity for them and the owners will be more than happy to repay you with a meal.

When it comes to the performance you should transmit happiness and pay attention to people’s reactions. Small things like a gesture or a correctly timed smile can arouse compassion in the spectator that won’t hesitate to leave you a tip.

It’s important on a trip like this to rest well. There are lots of cheap places to find lodging. Either hostels or university residence halls that rent extra rooms can often be the cheapest places to spend the night. Plus places like these can be great for finding people to swap stories with and make friends for future adventures.

prague_musicianA way to travel the world at minimal cost, playing music or performing of any kind can be an enjoyable way to finance your travel dreams. Whether you use it to fund a whole trip or a just a weekend getaway while studying abroad, use your creativity and talents to make your way. Good luck adventurers!

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