Miami: A mecca of Latin culture on the shores of the Atlantic, salsa, merengue, exceptional Cuban fare

New York City: The city that does not sleep, Times Square, Broadway, priceless museums, the center of the world

Los Angeles: Pacific beauty, coastal cliffs, surfing, Highway One, Mickey


Puerto Vallarta: A tropical gem, quaint and safe town, pebblestone streets with cafes, swimming with dolphins, watching the whales, world's second largest bay, mouthwatering fresh fish tacos

Yucatan Peninsula: Climbing Mayan ruins, swimming in calm teal-blue beaches, snorkeling with tropical fish, an amazing tour guide to accompanying you

Costa Rica:

Saving baby turtles, outdoor adventures, rain forests, beautiful beaches, volcanos


Lima/Cuzco/Machu Picchu: Spiritual encounters, Colonial cities, anchient Incan ruins, highest lake in the world