As our world becomes more globally-linked, we begin to understand the importance of the being connected with others. CONEXUS’ studying abroad programs provide many opportunities for you to connect. Our expertise is helping our students have the best experience ever with a long-lasting positive impact in their life.

CONEXUS is committed to guiding you in creating a positive study abroad experience. Our signature methods and techniques are based on our own successful personal study abroad encounters. Read our Reviews to better understand our personalized approach.

1.  We will guide you before and during your study abroad trip so that you will gain an understanding of the importance of having a global perspective and how it is integral to your future; creating a unique awareness of how we are all connected to the world around us; a global community and economy.

2.  We work with you on an individual level in hopes that you take on the challenge of personal accountability. We know that the benefits of a changed perspective will serve you well in life. If you are college bound, your transition once in college will be much easier due to this experience-a common feedback we get from our participants. 

3.  You will accelerate your language learning while studying abroad as we provide many unique opportunities to help you better understand the culture and its nuances. Learning a foreign language has been proven to raise SAT and GRE scores, and is the top recommendation by doctors and researchers to keep your brain young and healthy.

4.  You will experience history first-hand with our educators who know their field and are passionate about sharing it with you. This will provide you with an expanded world-view making you a more cultured, educated person.

5.  We provide guidance and tips to help you Improve your resume and make it stand more, and will help you get college credit.

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