What Makes CONEXUS Unique?

One-on-One Personalized Approach

Conexus is an organization that offers study abroad and cultural programs to help others connect with and embrace the world in a personal way. We also provide spiritual tours for those seeking to connect with oneself. Our program directors accompany you and are available 24/7.

U.S.A. Based Organization

After a little research you will realize that most who offer travel and study abroad programs are foreign-owned business companies. CONEXUS is an educational and cultural organization which is U.S.A. based and owned. We bring revenue to the U.S.A. by coordinating with educators and professionals around the world- many who are members of The CONEXUS Consortium.

The CONEXUS Consortium

Guided by passionate professionals, we believe that studying/living abroad and traveling experiences change your life and perspective in a unique way and positive way. Join us as we share our personal knowledge of how to connect with others on a global level. Engage with us in a unique learning opportunities to cultivate your mind, heart and soul.

A True Cultural Experience - Effortlessly

CONEXUS’ unique methods, tools and tips receive many kudos:

  • One-on-one visits and meetings to answer all your questions
  • Orientation Meetings (pre-departure and upon arrival)
  • CONEXUS' city/country/culture and program-specific approach